About Us

Go Beyond Academy (GBA), located at 5-35 West Pearce Street, Richmond Hill, was founded in 2013. Our goal was to build an education centre where kids can develop their arts and learning skills. In the recent years, we were making sturdy progress to enrich every GBA student’s learning skills, knowledge and mentality. Since its inception, GBA has had over 200 students, 12 teachers, and offers courses including piano, guitar, violin, music theory, math, English, French, science, biology and chemistry. Some of our most prominent students have achieved first place in the ARCT Piano Performance Award. In addition, our most promising students achieved sixth place in the Waterloo math contest where over 3,000 kids were competing. Moreover, we have had over 20 intelligent students who got into the gifted program after learning at Go Beyond.


In terms of Arts, GBA’s goal was to develop our students through their own interests and hobbies. In the last four years, we have seen more than 200 talented high achievers, whom performed very well in the RCM exams. (RCM: The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and certification exams). Ten students even passed RCM level 10 within five years of study through learning the piano at GBA. In Ontario, achieving level 8 will grant students a high school credit equaled to Grade 12 music. In the meantime, our piano teachers would prepare students for the ARCT level (ARCT: Associate of the Royal Conservatory), which is the highest level of recognized piano study.

We take pride in our approach to improve our students’ academic performance and influence them to become interested in learning. All of our classes are held in small groups, and tailored specifically to each student for personal growth. The GBA approach is focusing on individual learning with a small student-teacher ratio set up (less than five students or one-on-one tutoring). Our teachers are certified and experienced, carefully recruited, and teach in various public schools.

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