Summer is approaching. What will you do for the entire two months? With a two-month, lengthy summer vacation, your children’s lives do not have to be unplanned. Rather than watching TV, playing the iPad at home, children do not have to waste their summer period.

Summer time is for learning new knowledge, participating in group activities, as well as regular outdoor excursions. If our young ones can use the summer time wisely, then it could solve all parents’ worries!


Our Summer Camp Program:

  • Academic

    focus on academic core subjects, and allow students to pursue an area of their interest, such as piano, drama, dance, or art

  • Fun

    provide an eventful, fun, and rich in value summer camp

  • Field Trips

    Participate in organized group activities and field trips, such as taking the kids to places like The Toronto Zoo, Ontario Science Centre, Legoland, Farms, and other educational settings

Every year we have two camps to choose from:

Let’s Play

  • Fostering on creativity through music, art, drama and outdoor play
  • Day camp includes lessons in arts, crafts, drama, piano, music, play acting and games

Young Genius

  • Focusing on academic learning through math, and literacy
  • Day camp includes activities in Olympic Math, Reading Comprehension, Elements of Writing, Public Speaking/Drama

Our goal:

Allow children to enjoy the summer days, learn their school subjects while having an entertaining good time. Also, we make sure that kids have spent their summer with a wonderful, and memorable experience.


Hi I’m Irene and I am 11 years old. Since I am going into middle school, I feel like I don’t need to go to summer camp anymore. That’s because I think summer camp is for kids! But when I go to the summer camp at Go Beyond Academy in Richmond Hill, it exceeded my expectations. We always get to learn new things about music (my favourite subject) and do art activities. The field trips are awesome too, because we get to do so many things together!



My name is Lucas and I am in Grade 2. I have been attending the summer camp at Go Beyond Academy in Richmond Hill for the past three years! Every year the summer camp gets more fun and exciting! There is always arts and crafts, followed by outdoor activities. We also get to go on many field trips, which I enjoy the most! I love coming to Go Beyond Summer Camp!



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