Art Program

  • Students will learn a variety of drawing and painting techniques along with the composition and design elements of art work creation by using a selection of materials and surfaces
  • Explore a variety of art mediums such as Drawing, Pastel Painting, Watercolours, Acrylic Painting & Collage
  • Encourage exploration within the parameters of the art project so that each student develops his or her own individual creative expression while having fun doing it
  • Provide students the opportunity to work with professional artists in a creative environment where their creativity can be allowed to flourish
  • Beginner 1

    • Explore basic materials through various arts and crafts projects
    • Learn basic line drawing and shapes
    • Learn basic colour wheel

  • Beginner 2

    • Explore a variety of materials, tools, and techniques to create 2d and 3d works of art
    • Experiment with a variety of art mediums and materials (painting, drawing, sculpture, origami, jewelry making, recycled art, printmaking etc.)
    • Explore and practice creativity

  • Intermediate

    • Develop a basic understanding of the ‘Elements of Design’ (line, shape & form, space, colour, texture, value) and the ‘Principles of Design’ (contrast, repetition & rhythm, variety, emphasis, proportion, balance, unity and harmony, and movement).
    • Explore materials
    • Learn colour theory
    • Learn basic sketching, shading, and coloring techniques

  • Advanced

    • Build upon their knowledge of the ‘Elements of Design’ and ‘Principles of Design’.
    • Explore materials
    • Learn about materials (acrylic vs. watercolor, brushes, paper, etc.)
    • Learn drawing techniques (perspective, gesture drawing, contour drawing, hatching, scumbling, stippling, etc.)
    • Learn painting techniques (water colour, dry brush, washing, stippling, dabbing, masking, etc.)

  • Creative Clay Class

    Students will explore their creativity and create 3-dimensional hand-sculpted works of art through the medium of clay (cold porcelain and self-hardening clay). This class is designed to foster imagination, encourage creativity, and build hand motor skills.

Teacher for this Class


Ms. Tam



I'm Charlotte H, and I am in Grade 1. I have always loved drawing and painting, especially on My Little Pony. I draw it during the art classes here but I'm not always good at it. My drawings look much better after my teacher taught me now to do it right.



My name is Tiger and I am 9 years old. I came to Go Beyond Academy last year to study art. The classes here are always fun and engaging. We always learn new things and get creative all the time. This is why I enjoy my Saturdays the most, because in art class, I get to make beautiful drawings and artwork!


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