French Class

Students have significant advantages when they speak more than one language. Learning another language helps students:

  • strengthen their problem-solving, reasoning and creative thinking skills
  • develop their understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures
  • increase their competitiveness in an increasingly global job market
  • enhance their first-language and overall literacy skills
  • Grade 3 – 8 Enriched Programs

    • Fundamentals of French including vocabulary, phonics & pronunciation, spelling, and grammar
    • Emphasizing that oral communication cannot occur without effective listening

  • Grade 9 – 12 University Preparation Programs

    • Tailored academic programs covering University, and/or preparatory French curriculum
    • Offering strong reading and writing programs to help students developing strong proficiency in French

Teacher for this Class


Ms. Tse



I am Erica, a Grade 11 student attending Unionville Highschool. I have been studying French at Go Beyond Academy for the past two years. Highschool French is very difficult for me because its like learning a new language. Ms. Tse has helped me develop into a fluent French speaker. Every lesson we work on speaking and writing activities. We also have conversational French so I can learn the language faster. I've improved so much in French! Thank you Ms. Tse!



My name is Kiara and I am a Grade 8 student. I came to Go Beyond Academy in Grade 7 because I wanted to be in the IB Program. At Go Beyond, I work on vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, and just about anything to become a fluent French speaker. I understand that learning French can be difficult, but I feel like I've learned so much in such a short period! This is because the teacher at Go Beyond Academy always pushes me to do my best in French.


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