Guitar Program

Introduces children and adults to the joys of playing the world’s most popular instrument. Beginner classes introduce children to playing immediately through listening and imitating. All guitar styles and techniques and reading music along with chording are systematically introduced to enable a student to advance at their own pace. All styles will be covered so students can discover their own likes and desires. Blues, pop, rock classical, jazz being some of the styles covered throughout the year.

  • Students will learn:

    • how to play chords and read chord frames
    • how to read music in treble clef
    • how to play with other guitarists in an ensemble
    • how to tune the guitar
    • Learn to play an instrument or sing by mastering technical skills such as scales, chords and arpeggios in a series of keys
    • Learn to identify intervals, cadences and rhythmic patterns, as well as develop critical ear training skills and sight-reading skills
    • Build knowledge and understanding of musical language, including foundational theory, harmony, counterpoint, analysis and music history
    • Learn repertoire in a wide range of styles and genres for performance and assessment

Teachers for this Class


Mr. Segall



My name is Henry and I am 10 years old. I have been playing the guitar for the past three years. I've studied with Mr. Segall at Go Beyond all this time. Guitar is a fun class; we always get to play wonderful music. Sometimes we even get to sing along with the song, as Mr. Segall always has interesting classes with me!


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