Math Program

Covers fundamental math concepts including:

  • Number Sense and Numerical Operations – estimating, adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying with fractions, decimals, percent, integers and beyond
  • Measurement – measuring length, weight, and capacity including the use of the Customary and Metric Systems as well as calculating time, money, and more
  • Geometry – understanding the characteristics and properties of geometric shapes and solids including transformations, symmetry, spatial relationships, coordinate geometry, etc.
  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking – problem-solving with patterns, relationships, equations, expressions, inequalities, factors, multiples, ratios, rates, proportions, etc.
  • Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics – representing and interpreting data in various forms, understanding statistical variability, summarizing distributions, etc.
  • Grade 1 – 8 Enriched Programs

    • Fundamentals of math including counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, decimals and fractions are introduced
    • Word problems involving geometric shapes help build problem solving skills

  • Grade 9 – 12 University Preparation Programs

    • Tailored academic programs covering Linear Equations, Geometry, Probability, Functions, Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors, and Data Management
    • Offering strong foundational skills-building programs to help students who need to develop a more solid math skillset

Teacher for this Class


Mr. Fan



My name is Aiden and I am a Grade 5 student. I am very proud to say that my math skills are superb. I got to a gifted school in Richmond Hill. Even though we learn a lot at school, I feel I am not challenged enough. The math class here a Go Beyond Academy is very interesting and challenging. I feel like I'm on a quest for math here. I enjoy the tutoring classes here very much!



My name is Winnie and I am a Grade 8 student. Ever since Grade 7, I have had a difficult studying math. The math work involving fractions, decimals, percent and algebra have been difficult for me. Mr. Fan at Go Beyond Academy walked me through all of these concepts among others. My mark for math has improved a lot since then! Thank you Mr. Fan.


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