Music Theory

Theory is part of the Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus. It is for students in RCM Grade 5 or higher. The Rudiments of Music Theory introduces the basic elements, notational conventions, and terminology of music. The Royal Conservatory of Music program is organized into three progressive levels.

  • Level 5 Theory

    • Co-requisite for: Level 5 Practical Examination.
    • Recommended for concurrent study with: Level 1 to 5 Practical Examinations.

  • Level 6 & 7 Theory

    • Co-requisite for: Level 6 or 7 Practical Examination.
    • Recommended for concurrent study with: Level 4 to 6 Practical Examinations.

  • Level 8 Theory

    • Co-requisite for: Level 7 to 10 Practical Examinations, Elementary Piano Pedagogy
    • Prerequisites for: ARCT in Performance, Teacher's ARCT, Intermediate and Advanced Piano Pedagogy
    • Recommended for concurrent study with: Level 7 to 8 Practical Examinations

If you are in:

  • Level 5 you need Level 5 Theory; respectively the same for Levels 6 - 8
  • Level 9 you need Level 9 Harmony and Level 9 History
  • Level 10 you need Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint and Level 10 History
  • ARCT you need ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint, ARCT History and ARCT Analysis

You may also be eligible for high school credits if you complete the following (Ontario curriculum)
Level 7 practical and Level 7 rudiments equal one Grade 11 credit
Level 8 practical and Level 8 rudiments equal one Grade 12 credit

Teacher for this Class


Ms. Yao


Ms. Tan



Hello, my name is Bobby. I started basic theory last year, and the class only took about 3 months. At the last class, we got a chance to do an exam. I got a 95%! I did really well in this class. But then I got to know everyone else's mark, they were in the 90s as well!



My name is Selina and I am in Piano Level 7. I have studied all of my music theory lessons at Go Beyond Academy. I can say that theory can be a very boring class at times, but I've always enjoyed it here at Go Beyond. I also got a chance to do like 20 exams before I did the actual exam. I'm not exaggerating here! That's how serious the teacher prepared me. Now I can use the mark as my high school credit!


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