Public Speaking Program

Lower level – Grades 1-4
Higher level – Grades 5-8

  • Public speaking will be combined with an academic environment where students will learn to deliver short speeches, book reports an class presentations similar to what they would be asked to do in school

  • They can practice with friends and on their own

  • They will be given the tools to inspire, educate and entertain in a fun-filled activity-based environment

Tools will include

  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Efficient research skills
  • Learning effective body language such as hand gestures
  • Voice projection/control
  • Establishing eye contact with the audience to build good rapport
  • Learning to control pauses and fillers
  • Learning relaxation tips to lose anxiety and fear associated with public speaking and to build confidence
  • Students will be coached on the step-by-step process of composing, practicing and delivering a speech
  • They will learn the fundamentals of how they will be evaluated and graded on class presentations
  • Speaking up in class

    • When is it appropriate to speak up in class
    • What are suitable questions to ask in class
    • If they feel shy when they speak up, what is the best way to participate in class to make sure they get full marks for participation

  • Etiquette

    • How to shake hands properly
    • How to introduce yourself
    • How to make small talk and make others feel comfortable

  • Learn about yourself

    • What is the best way for your child to study? Should they take notes, write on index cards, study with their friends?
    • How do they learn best? Visually, listening, taking notes, highlighting, practicing?

Teacher for this Class


Ms. Ganapathy

Presentations – Skill Builder

  • developing their voice as a tool of persuasion and speech personality
  • learn to use eye contact and body language properly to engage and impact their audience
  • learn to improve their vocal tone and diction in order to master the art of public speaking
  • build rapport with their audience
  • learn to adequately plan, build and deliver their speeches
  • lose the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking through relaxation exercises and the building of confidence
  • public speaking courses can teach students how to overcome fears
  • public speaking courses act as an excellent resource towards better self-esteem and confidence
  • the lessons can help teach students the importance of sharing their insight, thoughts and views with others
  • public speaking courses help improve a student's critical thinking and communication skills
  • these courses also help with personal development through the analysis of communication habits
  • it can teach students the power that public speaking and communication has to influence and bring about positive change

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