Science Program

Achievement of both excellence and equity underlies the three major goals of the secondary science program. Three goals of the science program are as follows:

  1. to relate science to technology, society, and the environment
  2. to develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry
  3. to understand the basic concepts of science
  • The Place of Science in the Curriculum

    During the twentieth century, science played an increasingly important role in the lives of all Canadians. It underpins much of what we now take for granted, from life-saving pharmaceuticals to clean water, the places we live and work in, computers and other information technologies, and how we communicate with others. The impact of science on our lives will continue to grow as the twenty-first century unfolds. Consequently, scientific literacy for all has become a goal of science education throughout the world and has been given expression in Canada in the Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes, K to 12: Pan-Canadian Protocol for Collaboration on School Curriculum (Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, 1997). Scientific literacy can be defined as possession of the scientific knowledge, skills, and habits of mind required to thrive in the science-based world of the twenty-first century.

    A scientifically and technologically literate person is one who can read and understand common media reports about science and technology, critically evaluate the information presented, and confidently engage in discussions and decision-making activities regarding issues that involve science and technology.

  • Our Science Program

    • support high-quality learning while giving individual students the opportunity to choose programs that suit their skills and interests
    • will enable students to better customize their high school education and improve their prospects for success in school and in life

Teacher for this Class


Ms. Fan

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